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Super organised! I’m impressed :)I knew what was happening throughout the whole process and Rosemary is A-maaaaazing!! LOVING the kitchen! Thank you soooo much lovely Rosemary! You are very intuitive and a true angel! I will most definitely be recommending you to anyone and everyone I can!


North Strathfield

Rose is wonderful. She approached my mess with a confidence and made me feel comfortable. Our office/study is the nightmare of our home, its where things go when they don’t have anywhere else to be. Our Skype session was very informal and out of it I was given three suggestions to implement before our next catch up! I must say it is hard when life gets in the way but Rose is always online to remind me and keep me on track. Looking forward to our next session.


South Australia - Virtual Client

Thank you for your professionalism and skill it is lovely to open drawers that finally look tidy again.



I just wanted to say a B I G “THANK YOU” Rose as my kitchen always in a mess. Rose came by during the week and we had a chat. I still had my wedding / kitchen tea gifts at the back of the cupboard and we have been ~happily ~married for 20 yrs! . YES 20 yrs in the cupboard , still in boxes . (Rose was abit ‘shocked’) . I had removed most of the things that I don’t think that be in use (for the next 20 ys hehe) to room for other things . On Saturday Rose set to work on her own for 4hrs .The kitchen was looking good even the pantry had labels (cans , baking equipment, cereals etc.) Most of all I had my bench ‘back’ so I can prepare the food on . I just can’t stop admiring my ‘new’ pantry and cupboards . I really recommend ” Pick Me! Organisers ” for their professional and friendly service to family and friends . TY TY TY !!!



I had a severe problem of clutter and paper work that had accumulated, Pick Me! Organisers came and re-energized the space and created a filing system I could understand, papers were put away, a small bar area was created, and the DVD area became more pleasant to view as they organised them by alphabetical order in their specific genres. They also found my boxing gloves, and now I’m going to join a boxing class…much more enjoyable than filing. Thank you Pick Me! Organisers.



I’m a mother of 3 and with having to look after 3 children, I could not take the time to organise my 87 year old grandmother’s kitchen for her, my grandmother is partially blind and has Alzheimer’s, I was worried that she was eating old biscuits and that food was going off in her cupboards, and it was, Pick Me! Organisers found peanut butter from 2009! Pick Me! Organisers picked their way through the kitchen and had everything organized for my grandmother, now I can sleep easier, and my grandmother is happy because she can bake goodies in her own kitchen again. Thank you so much Pick Me! Organisers.


Dundas Valley

Organising my bathroom was something I really needed to keep all my stuff in order and peace in my head and my family, also Rosemary it was a great idea with the clear containers, I really appreciated the extra step you took by bringing the containers and making my bathroom more organised! Will definitely recommend your services!



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