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Skype Organising

Pick Me! Organisers newest service is Organising via Skype, we will Organise your home, your life and even help you pull together a party via Skype. This new service launches on the 1st September 2013, we can help anyone in the world to organise their lives at anytime thanks to Skype!!!!

To coincide with our new service we are offering a competition, the person to get the maximum number of people i.e. 50 new people to “Like” Pick Me on Facebook gets a massive 15% off the entire Organising Process via Skype.

Contact us for more info on this exciting new service bought to you by Pick Me! Organisers

Competition opens on the 12th Of August, 2014 at 9am and closes on the 16th of August, 2014 at 5pm.

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