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Seniors Organisation

Helping the Elderly be Organised

Organisation is important in everyone’s life, but for the elderly it can be the key to how well they can function independently—and for how long. They need to simplify their lives while keeping their independence and dignity. I have been caring & organising for my Grandmother who, at 89, has had a variety of failing physical ailments for years, including macular degeneration, and a simplified household has been crucial to maintain her longevity as she approaches 90 and beyond. I understand that elderly people do not want to let go of the past.  Elderly people, especially those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s can make life more difficult than it needs to be – particularly when they refuse to part with items which are rusty, dull, or worse, have holes in them!

I speak from personal experience when I say I know what it is like to keep an elderly person organised.  You are running another person’s life for them, from their medication and dosage to social appointments, you must always be on the ball with elderly people, which is why hiring Pick Me! Organisers to maintain an organised lifestyle for your beloved elderly person is important.

Pick Me! Organisers understands the needs of seniors who love their homes and their things. We provide caring and confidential services so you feel secure knowing your comfort and health is our priority. We evaluate and adjust your space and services to meet your individual needs. We help create an independent living environment that is safe and easily functional.

Seniors Services

  • Bill payment and budgeting

  • Mail and excess paper management

  • Making your home healthier and safer through fall prevention

  • Creating systems that encourage your short and long term health goals

  • Simplifying processes to find things faster and access easier

  • Scheduling and routines like doctors visits and medication protocols

  • De-cluttering, sorting, and organising belongings

  • Provide layout of furniture for safest flow

  • Organise collections, mementos, and photographs

  • Estate planning and important document locating



If you have a Seniors Card, a 7.5% discount will apply to the Seniors Service we offer.

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