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Perfect Packages

The Whole House Package

This service includes hands-on assistance with simplifying and organising your space.  Together we’ll create a more simplified, more organised, and less cluttered space.  Telephone and email support in between sessions is included to provide guidance and encouragement to keep you focused and on track.

For a total of thirty hours, with a minimum of three hours per session, this package deal is $1,500.  This involves multiple consultations, action plans, hands-on and deep-in-the-action organising, rubbish removal, and cleaning.

We can also bundle organising hours so that the value of each dollar is maximised to the fullest.

The Starter Organiser Package

Consultation and three hour Organising Makeover Session for any section or room in your home or storage unit.  For three hours I will implement my philosophy on organising.  This is an ideal kick start to organising a smaller project, such as a pantry, closet, desk, or beginning a larger project.

This session includes sorting, de-cluttering, storage solutions, and hands-on-organising.  This package would suit students in high school, uni, or mature-aged.  Normally valued at over $200, this package deal is only $150.

The Party Package

It’s a new service I’m offering to all my wonderful Pick Me! clients for parties, whether in the office, home, or association, as parties are all the rage during November, December, and January.  This service covers consultation through the final dish being put away in your home for a party you want to throw for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a Christening, or event birthday parties (i.e. 50th, 60th, 70th) for the price of $99.

DIY Organising Package

You’ve seen the show Hoarders and you think you know where to start but fight with your significant other on what is needed to keep versus what is just junk.  Do-It-Yourself really is dependent on you.  I can write you a detailed step-by-step coaching and organising plan (and tips on how to deal with the significant other), but the organising comes down to you.  This package deal is $65, and it includes assessment, planning, and followup.

Virtual Package

This is another new service I offer via Skype, in which I virtually take you through the organising process.  Want me to help you get organised but you’re in another state or elsewhere in NSW? Not a problem for Pick Me! I will guide you through the organising process via Skype with homework and disciplined organising principles.  I will help you stay organised. Virtual sessions must be prepaid and appointment times must be adhered too.  The flexibility of The Virtual Package means I help you get organised over weekends, which is when most people start organising projects.

This package deal is $175 and there is no time limit applied, hours for organising are virtually limitless.

Paperwork Package

If you are slowly suffocating in paperwork and unable to find your bills to pay them, this package is for you!  Maybe you waste a lot of time shuffling papers or have nightmare about getting an audit.  This offer is for you!  Our Paperwork Package helps you to:

  • Get your office and desk organised
  • Deal with incoming paperwork
  • Learn tips and tricks to work with receipts, paid invoices, and bills yet to be paid
  • Save time searching for items or double handling papers

What you will get from this service:

  • 8 hours with a professional organiser
  • Coaching during your sessions and homework for between sessions
  • A skill for life!

The Package deal is $400.00, and this price involves, assessment, filing, coaching, and the best and most effective way I can teach you to file.

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