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About Pick Me!

Rosemary Milford's Concept

Pick Me! Organisers is a Central Coast based organisational business that services the Central Coast and surrounding areas.  The company is the concept of owner and founder Rosemary Milford, whose extensive experience ranges from customer service, building, baby, and catering industries to various extensive roles in project management, administration, and personal assistance.

This varied, people-orientated background has given Rosemary strong lifestyle management skills, particularly in home organising.  The greatest reward Rosemary continues to enjoy is her unwavering dedication in providing excellent customer service and organising skills to all her Pick Me! Clients.  Pick Me! Organisers was launched to assist busy people to create order amongst the chaos.

Pick Me! Philosophy


We pick the area’s that need organizing, we focus on what you need in your life organised and we give you a life that you love to live.


The fun part of the process! We will Isolate those problem areas in your home, and using the “toss, keep, sell, or giveaway method”, the problem area will be Isolated and lightened – and you will feel happier!


Once the isolation part of the process has finished, we will then Contain all your stuff in a way that is easily accessible to you and your whole family.


Once the organising process has been finished, we will have completed organising and given you the tools to remain organised for life.  The “Kure” is simply a happy, relaxed individual who makes the most out of life because they aren’t worrying about what outfit to pick out the next day or if the phone will be cut off due to not paying the bill, which, in the day and age we live in, does happen.


You have the tools, the empowerment, and more time to do what you love in life, but you find that to keep up the system is a struggle as you don’t have the energy. With my encouragement and care, we can guarantee that you will not only Maintain the system but also keep it in operation forever.


You have maintained your organised life, adjusted, changed, and now you can be in balance with your life, making all ends Equal.

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